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In todays world, learning some basic skills couldn’t hurt right? How about learning those skills with your family, alongside other families with like minds? That is why we exist. We are a community that is dedicated to life with other families to ensure that our children grow up to make this world a better place. Our children need to learn things other than what they see on TV and the Internet. They need to learn how to be respectful, give honor, and survive!


The mission of The ARK is to provide a familyoriented online social network that brings members together to foster meaningful connections and growth through life skills. We will strive to provide a safe and supportive space for members to share their experiences, knowledge, and support one another. Our monthly in-person gatherings will provide a platform for members to build meaningful relationships and to learn and practice life skills. Our goal is to promote a culture of Adaptability, Resilience, and Kinship.


We have community gardens that we tend to as a group. Together we live and learn to garden!

Basic Survival

From fires, to cooking outdoors, to pitching tents, we learn it all together in a family friendly environment!

Emergency Preparedness

We practice emergency situations and learn things like how to stop bleeding, how to close wounds, and much more!

Firearm Safety

In America, we have the privilege to have tools that help keep us and our family safe if we know how to use them.

Self Defense

Knowing the basics of how to defend yourself and your family is a must. Join us and feel confident in a worst case scenario.

Communication / Conflict Resolution

Knowing how to communicate effectively to de-escalate a situation is a priceless skill!

Building / Woodworking

Learning how to build the things you need saves you time and money. Learn how to use various different tools to accomplish your dreams!

Health and Wellness

Getting fit and staying that way is of utmost importance when you are needing to protect and provide. Family friendly health and wellness activities for all!

Homeschool Resources

Finding quality homeschool resources without all the garbage can be hard. Our community was birthed from homeschool families wanting more!


In the world today, it is of utmost importance that we learn how to adapt to changing environments. Whether it's emergencies or weather, we need to know how to adapt and operate in the midst of disaster.


Building resilience to any situation that may arise is one of the main things that separates survivors from the rest of the world. Fighting through adversity is a must when faced with worldly troubles.


Not only do we need to grow closer with our immediate families, but we also need to grow in community with other families of like mind. When we can rely on those around us more than we rely on the world, we set ourselves up for success!

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